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Investment Process

MIG GROUP proect EXiT monitors the entire universe of publicly traded all markets energy infrastructure equities. Our quantitative models identify investment opportunities with below-average risk characteristics.

OUR team has been investing in all markets energy infrastructure. MIG GROUP proect EXiT team has one of the longest audited investment track records investing. Over the years, we have researched and invested. We have leveraged this body of knowledge into proprietary models that enhance our research and portfolio risk management capabilities.

We has developed the most comprehensive suite. Our Indices allow us to monitor and track the entire population of publicly traded partnerships. Our work allows us to quickly identify changing fundamentals, capitalize on investment opportunities and avoid potential problems across the asset class.

We has used its ten years of successfully researching and investing in energy infrastructure to develop a series of algorithms that rate partnerships based on a series of business fundamentals.

MIG GROUP proect EXiT consolidates the fundamental ratings across multiple metrics into a single Investment Attractiveness Score for each partnership. We use this score to compare the relative attractiveness of investment opportunities across the asset class and rank the various partnerships from the most to least attractive.

We seek to continually build on and harness our in-depth knowledge of the asset class to drive superior investment results.

Cash flow analysis is the primary tool used in energy infrastructure investing. We invest in partnerships whose cash flows are both predictable and growing. These two characteristics are critical as they provide income security, a hedge against inflation, and support capital appreciation.

“MG” will never invest in a partnership that has the slightest probability of cutting its distribution. We track distribution coverage ratios to ensure stability in our investments - the higher the distribution coverage ratio, the safer the distribution.

We invest in partnerships whose fundamentals will be an impetus for future distribution growth. Growth in distributions is a hedge against inflation - it preserves the purchasing power of our investment over the long-term. Strong growth also often results in underlying capital appreciation.

We develop detailed financial models that allow us to forecast distributable cash flow and growth prospects.

A strong balance sheet is an essential part of our investment criteria. Partnerships are pass-through vehicles that rely on the capital markets to fund distribution growth. We invest in partnerships that maintain a conservative capital structure. This reduces the risk profile and grants the partnership greater access to the capital markets. We also analyze debt maturities in order to quantify interest rate risk which can pose a headwind to distribution growth.


Our portfolios are constructed with income safety as the primary objective. We employ a core plus portfolio construction strategy. The balance of the portfolio is opportunistically invested in assets that we believe the market has temporarily mispriced.

“MGF”  manages risk by not placing outsized bets on any given investment in our portfolio. We employ an equal weighted strategy to accomplish this objective. The quality focus of our investments allows us to run concentrated portfolios of best-in-class investments, resulting in added value over the longer term.

Using a proprietary risk management model, monitors, and manages risk at the portfolio level across seven risk silos.

Sell decisions are driven by fundamentals. We developed proprietary models that monitor target prices of every investment in the portfolio and we exit positions as they become fairly valued. We proactively sell investments at the first indication that fundamentals may be deteriorating. Additionally, we rank portfolios according to our Fundamental to help us identify relatively less attractive investments and maintain portfolio diversification when new positions are added.


   Our company specializes in the creation of venture capital funds with access to the Russian and USA markets.
   We have twenty years of unique experience in creating, maintenance and promotion of venture capital firms and financial institutions. Also we have our own development on strategic management of investment capital.

    We are preparing to managing private funds at an unbeatable technique:

• The ability to make immediately their own decisions on the input and output of the asset;
• Choice of investment instruments;
• Minimizing risks, strategic money management, management and capital allocation;
• Necessary set of exchange technologies.

   Disclose all the secrets of trading and rise to the surface all the "pitfalls".


   All our experts have international license.


   By one account our expert, you can connect up to 30 accounts (sum of one account by $ 250,000).


   All of our fund accounts were opened in the largest US and Highest European brokers and insured

   up to $ 450,000 dollars.

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